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Jim Hoehn: Links


Gemma Tarlach

plaguewalker_cover.jpgJournalist turned pastry chef turned resident of Antarctica, Gemma Tarlach has been writing since the age of three. Fortunately, her storytelling skills have improved with age. Her first novel, "Plaguewalker" was released in 2012.

Jay Gilbertson

full_moon_cover.jpgAuthor and pumpkin seed oil magnate practices both his crafts on an 80-acre organic farm in northwest Wisconsin. His latest book, "Full Moon Over Madeline Island" is the third in the series featuring Eve and Ruby, the world's most famous apron makers.

Tom Corcoran

quick_adios_cover2.jpgFlorida writer Tom Corcoran has been a disc jockey, bartender, AAA travel counselor, U. S. Navy officer, screenwriter, freelance photographer, automotive magazine editor, computer graphic artist, and journalist. Tom also co-wrote the Jimmy Buffett hits"Cuban Crime of Passion" and"Fins" and the Jim Hoehn non-hit "Bone Island Mambo." "The Quick Adios (Times Six)" is his first Alex Rutledge mystery in three years.

Julie Kramer
Michael Perry