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Jim Hoehn: Music

Maggie & The Singin' Cowboy Show

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

She's a solo act in a lonely room, lifetime fading on the wall
Like the opening of the Co-op store, Blue-Dot flashbulb caught it all
On her good days she's got her memory and 30 or 40 cats
A closet full of dancin' boots and sequined suits to match

She's got Scotty's priceless old guitars, they ain't heard a chord in years
Con man tried to get 'em once, she tossed him out right on his ear
She talks of going back on the road, though her partner died long ago
She still thinks of herself as Maggie of the Singin' Cowboy Show

    And she'll tell anyone who'll listen, boy they were somethin' in their day
    And the Starlight Ballroom off Highway 12 was her favorite place to play
    She'd hit the stage and tip her hat with a big old Howdy-do
    And mean it when she'd end each show with Happy Trails To You

The Airstream's in the backyard weeds up on blocks since Scotty died
And the Singin' Cowboys are all but gone as the paint peels from the side
But on a small town night at the one stop light, Maggie'd honk and let 'em know
And they'd follow that silver trailer to the Singin' Cowboy show

Over 80 years and countless miles, she's lost a step or two
But she'll surprise infrequent visitors with a dance she used to do
She raised her skirt, kicked one leg, knocked the knick-knacks off the shelf
Scared the hell out of the newspaper man and fell down laughin' at her self

In a cat-hair covered easy chair, a notepad on his knee
He's trying to make some editorial sense from her disjointed history
To balance the lonesome present with the smiles of long ago
So they'll always remember Maggie and the Singin' Cowboy Show


She's a solo act in a lonely room, lifetime fading on the wall