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Jim Hoehn: Music

Art of Nothin'

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

Old Mr. Sun peeks into my room, up and at 'em at the crack of noon
Put on my bare feet, some old tattered shorts, a hot cup of coffee and a section of sports
And I'm ready for nothin'

Ceiling fan spins a slow lazy song, I know that tune and I'm singing along
Prop up my feet, kick back my chair, grab me a ballcap 'stead of combin' my hair
It's the uniform of nothin'

    Doin' nothin' is a long-lost art
    Full-time commitment is what sets me apart
    The rules of the game are no big secret
    You've gotta learn the system before you can beat it
    Then it's your terms for a life of nothin'

Midwestern twang gives way to a drawl, it sounds more nothin' when it ends in y'all
Some barbecue, some sun-brewed tea, a business lunch means nothin' to me
On my tab there's nothin'

Fly to the Keys, oh what the hell, it's a dirty job, but I do it so well
Flop in the hammock, give it a shove, A cold beer appears it's a sign from above
That the big guy likes nothin'


Restin' up for a night on the town, sun and eyelids are both goin' down
An afternoon nap would do me just right, Savin' my strength to do nothin' all night
Bartender, a round of nothin'

'cross the room see your sparkling eyes, Cracker Jack world, there's the prize
Hey baby, would you be my wife?, And we'll do nothin' for the rest of our life
Just me and you, lovin' nothin'
Except for that, we'll be doin' nothin'