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Jim Hoehn: Music

Yesterday's News

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

Coffee black, hold the cream, look back on that American dream
Retired early, they took the jobs, when the company blew south like a dried-up crop
Landed down in Mexico, take out order a hundred jobs to go
Now you're sittin' every morning in some coffee shop booth
What else do you do, when you're yesterday's news

G.I. schooling, learned to weld, bead was straight and it damn sure held
Blue-collar pride in a busted-knuckle trade, work and worker both American made
Now some robot's taken your place, no heart, no soul, red white and blue disgrace
Oh, and by the way thanks for your union dues
Paid 26 years to become yesterday's news

    When life rolls by it's a half-full train, some get on, others remain
    If hard work is it's own reward,
    how come you're wavin' goodbye instead of getting on board
    Answer me Lord, how do you chose yesterday's news
    How do you chose yesterday's news
College waiter shows his new tattoo, pretty cool says Megadeath rules
Don't mean much to a battle-scarred guy, whose own faded forearm says Semper Fi
That was bought with blood, paid for with lives, forgotten duty for a flag that flies
It's just ancient history to a generation who
Got no time for yesterday's news

Distance grows year by year, here to tell you the buck stops here
Not a single day goes by when we don't owe something to that kind of guy
Who did what was needed, no questions asked, maybe it's time we gave a little something back
So stop and say thanks at a coffee shop booth
Out of respect for yesterday's news

    Promise me Lord we'll never lose, sight of yesterday's news