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Jim Hoehn: Music

Old Home Days

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

Jerry Jeff Walker was in town and neither Stoker nor I had any money. I
cashed my only journalism scholarship check at the Old Home Tavern to pay for the
evening's festivities. It was not my only monetary contribution to the social
home of the Eau Claire Rugby Club. The judge later doubted "Mr. Stoker's

My college roommate was old G.I. Bill
And if he hadn't run out, I'd probably be there still
I finally finished on the eight-year plan
I don't know who was more surprised when I had my degree in hand

Well, I hit the working world so hard it opened its eyes
Just your basic three-piece corporate rocket on the rise
Just comb your hair, shine your shoes, say yes sir to the boss
This ain't no 8 o'clock class you blow off

    I miss my Old Home days  and those carefree ways
    Talkin' those freshmen girls right out of their shoes
    When all that you want is a passing grade,
    money for beer and a chance to get laid
    And a band in the corner playing rhythm and blues

They said welcome to the working world, it starts every day at nine
We'll coat and tie you to your desk 'til your out of your corporate mind
I owed my soul to the company store, make no mistake
My contract clearly stipulated no more spring break

I made it through the first day, it seemed about 10 years
A point that made itself quite clear through those happy hour beers
So I went home and wrote the boss, threw caution to the wind
Dear Boss, screw this, your ex-employee Jim


So once again I looked up old G.I. Bill
There's been a change in corporate plans and I've got some time to kill
The lady at the registrar said I know what you can do
Graduate school's the perfect place for a studious guy like you

    And I'm back to

And Doug's in the corner, saying I drink too
Doug's in the corner, saying I drink too