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Jim Hoehn: Music

I Still Like Herb Alpert

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn

I'm doin' culinary battle with a spicy bean burrito
Got my gringo stomach gurgling from a side of hot chorizo
Downed a couple margaritas thinking maybe that would chill me
Gonna learn to handle Mexican baby if it kills me

See, I caught the Latin fever at about the age of two
When I heard Ricky Ricardo he was singin' "Babaloo"
In junior high the Tijuana Brass they really got me
Put that hot Latino rhythm in my non-Latino body
And I still like Herb Alpert

I saw a boring white-bread future as an English-speaking gringo
So I went to school in Mexico to learn the Spanish lingo
I cracked a book and seven beers and when the course was done
I was rollin' like an "R" off a Spanish-speaking tongue

I can argue with an umpire on both sides of the border
And afternoons in most saloons I know just what to order
I learned a couple phrases and don't need that much more
Than donde estal bano y dos cervesas por favor
And I still like Herb Alpert
    I hear those Latin rhythms and I've got to move my feet
    I like salsa on a taco and salsa as a beat
    The senoritas in cantinas like the trumpet music
    They say we like your horn senor if you know to use it
    They must like Herb Alpert
    And I still like Herb Alpert

I'll win a jalapeno contest without a drop of water
I like my peppers like my women, hotter, hotter, hotter
At bar time I can do a plate of blue corn enchiladas
'til I'm ready to be popped just like a holiday pinata

I've done Mezcal in the morning and with some spicy food
I've done Mezcal in the evening when she's in a spicy mood
I've tangled with tequila and oooh the lessons learned
Like an early bird the early drinker usually gets the worm
And I still like Herb Alpert


My friends they think I'm loco, 'cause they don't understand me
They're in the snow while I'm below the muddy Rio Grande
For me the choice is easy, when the cultures clash
Always go for the fiesta, with cojones of Tijuana Brass
And I still like Herb Alpert