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Silhouette of a Fool - CD

JH_Silhouette_CD_front_resized.jpgThe new CD, "Silhouette of a Fool," featuring 10 original Jim Hoehn songs produced by John Sieger (Semi-Twang, R&B Cadets) with instrumental help from Mike Fredrickson (bass); Reggie Bordeaux (drums); and Bob Jennings (keyboards) - some of the best Milwaukee has to offer.

Songs are: Bad Day at the Beach; Bongo Jesus; Ripples; Silhouette of a Fool; Just Stupid I Guess; No More Delusional Than Usual; 100-Year Brunch with Shirley MacLaine; Legally Speaking; Tremolo Generation and Thundermen Nights.

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Royalty Check Hotel - CD

royalty_check_hotel_CD.jpgFeaturing 10 original songs by Jim Hoehn, produced by legendary Texas guitarist John Inmon Song List: 1. Howie Played Accordion; 2. Three-Chord Barbeuce; 3. Dark Side of the Island; 4. Tedium of Cool; 5. Callin' In Gone; 6. I Still Like Herb Alpert; 7. Tree House Peace of Mind; 8. The Dancing Flamingo Queens; 9. Poker Night at the Purgatory Lounge; 10. Palm Tree Kind of Day.

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Deadline Penitentiary - CD

deadline_penitentiary_CD.jpgRecorded at Third Coast Studio in Port Aransas, Texas with some of the finest musicians the Lone Star State has to offer. Ten original songs featuring John Inmon on guitar and Bob Livingston on bass/harmony vocals - for many years the heart and soul of Jerry Jeff's Lost Gonzo Band; two-time Grammy winner Floyd Domino (Asleep At The Wheel, George Strait) on piano and keyboards; and Zack Taylor on drums/percussion. Produced by John Inmon.

Song List: 1. Bone Island Mambo 2. Bad Rhymes, Worse Puns 3. Small-Town Bad 4. Maggie & The Singin’ Cowboy Show 5. Ozzie Osbourne Barbershop Quartet 6. Kings Of Black Velvet 7. Art Of Nothin’ 8. Yesterday’s News 9. Hard Liquor & Handgun Night 10. Wait ‘til The Movie Comes Out.

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Thongs In The Key Of Life, Vol. IV - CD

Thongs_IV_Cover1.jpgIt's beach time again, featuring 17 songs by a wide range of songwriters and performers, including a 2010 Grammy nominee.

1. Magic Chair - John Reno. 2. Tonight ­ - Young Rebel Goombas. 3. Sailor¹s Story ­ - Bob Banerjee. 4. Tangy Margaritas ­ - Boat Drunks. 5. Shorts, Sandals and Shades ­- Ray Fogg. 6. Magic Cruise ­- Ramajay Intercoastal. 7. I've Got A Beach In My Backyard ­- Brent Burns. 8. Lazy Days ­- Larry Joe Taylor. 9. Key West Address ­- James Slater. 10. Out of the Blue (Here Comes My Paradise) ­- Rob Mehl. 11. Southeast Texas Rain ­ - Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef. 12. Sunshine State ­- Lauren Adams. 13. Blame It On The Margaritas ­- Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24. 14. Sand Dollar Millionaire ­- Bob Karwin. 15. Callin' In Gone ­- Jim Hoehn. 16. Lost Keys ­- Kevin Mulvenna. 17. Blame It On Buffett ­- Kelly McGuire

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Thongs In The Key Of Life, Vol. 3 - CD

Thongs_III_CD.jpgTropical destinations for the imagination - 16 songs by 16 of your favorite trop-rock performers.

Song List: 1    One World - Dr. Zog. 2. Down To The Island - PHINS. 3. Summer Days - Larry Joe Taylor. 4. Hollow Man - Boat Drunks. 5 - Rum Jumbies - James White. 6. Slow Down Summer - Rob Mehl. 7. Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers - Hanna's Reef. 8. What Happens In Key West Never Happens - Stars On The Water. 9. Personal Assistant - The Bonedaddys. 10. Sailor's Prayer - Keith Sykes. 11. Monkey See, Monkey Do - Unkle Monkey. 12. Gone Surfin' - Gary Seiler. 13. Practical Dreamer - Tropical Soul. 14. Where The Gulf Meets The Ocean - John Frinzi. 15. Down There - Jim Morris. 16. Bone Island Mambo - Jim Hoehn.

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