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Jim Hoehn: Music

Bone Island Mambo

(Jim Hoehn)
Jim Hoehn/Tom Corcoran

It was a dark and stormy night, a literary cliche
Plagiarized but appropriate because he left the planet that way
His final mark was a chalk outline where the body lay
The warm summer rain thicker where  it washed the blood away

    Bone Island Mambo, down in old Key West
    Bone Island Mambo, down to your last breath
    There was money and drugs, hookers  and thugs
    A Cayo Hueso combo, the Bone Island Mambo

He should have been more careful when he paid for that last round
That flash of tourist twenties was noticed two stools down
By a man whose hand held a folding knife that he won with hole-card luck
From a fisherman who'd bet the pot when he was short a couple of bucks

His mind was a million miles away as he stumbled home to bed
Hummin' a forgotten Buffett tune unaware of what lie ahead
 It was over in an instant, no witnesses, no shout
An unseen hand pushed the knife blade in while the other pulled the wallet out


A jogger in a T-shirt that said, "God created gays,"
Stumbled upon the body in the early morning haze
It soon became a circus, with sirens, lights and cops
Reporters and detectives, you could hear the flashbulbs pop

Vacation of a lifetime, according to brochures
First-class air departure, return in a Cadillac hearse
With a casket full of postcards and tacky souvenirs
And on the side for the final ride it said, "Wish you were here"


    It's a killer tune, Bone Island Mambo